Weekly Pew Sheets & Sermons.

N.B. Each Sunday's Pew Sheet, Service Sheet and the text of the Sermon remains on the website for four weeks.

Pew Notices
Pew Notices: 15/04/2018
Pew Notices: 8/04/2018
Pew Notices: 1/04/2018 Easter
Pew Notices: 25/03/2018

Service Sheet:

Service Sheet: 15/04/2018
Service Sheet: 8/04/2018
Service Sheet: 1/04/2018 Easter
Service Sheet: 25/03/2018

Sermon (Sharon): 15/04/2018
Sermon (Sharon): 8/04/2018
Sermon (Sharon): 1/04/2018 Easter
No Sermon: 25/03/2018